Injuries on the Rise Among Youth Baseball Players

Dr. Geoff Collins Is the Sole Lake Charles Physician for Tommy John Surgery 

It’s prime time for America’s past time. The major league baseball season begins March 29, and our youth have already taken to the field in their home towns across Louisiana and the country. Youth baseball and softball is the No. 1 team sport in the country, and participation is on the rise. Today’s youth are spending more time focusing on the sport than ever before, with school teams, little leagues and elite traveling teams. But with this increase in play, there is increase in injury.

One of the most common injuries for pitchers is damage to their Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL). A UCL tear is typically gradual from overuse, but it can happen in a single traumatic event. Pain on the inside of the elbow is the most common symptom and can be verified with an MRI. Treatment ranges from rest or could require physical therapy or surgery at Collins Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Lake Charles.

A major league baseball player, Tommy John, made this injury famous when in 1974 he underwent UCL reconstruction surgery. Today, orthopaedic surgeons perform Tommy John surgery, a procedure in which a healthy tendon extracted from an arm (or a leg) replaces the injured arm’s torn ligament. Specializing in sports medicine, Dr. Geoff Collins is one of only a couple surgeons in Southwest LA specifically trained in the Tommy John surgery.

In 1976, just two years after surgery, Tommy John was named Comeback Player of the Year and made three more All-Star appearances. He went on to win more than 164 games, and today his total victories of 288 rank as the seventh highest in major league history. Today, nearly one-third of MLB pitchers as well as many collegiate and youth athletes have undergone Tommy John surgery.

Dr. Geoff Collins has a special affinity for throwing athletes and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Miami. He served as a fellow team physician for the University of Miami, Florida International University, the Miami Dolphins football team and the Florida Marlins MLB team. Dr. Collins is passionate about getting his patients back to playing the sports they love and getting you back in the game. Call 337-508-0356 or click

And for all you baseball fans out there,  here is the 2018 MLB schedule . Batter up!


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