Orthopedic Soccer Injuries

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OctoberCollins Orthopedic Soccer Injuries

Already the most popular international team sport, soccer continues to gain popularity in the United States. With more people playing soccer, it is not surprising that the number of soccer-related injuries is increasing — particularly as children get older and their level of play intensifies.

Sprains and strains, often around the knee and ankle, are very common in soccer. Player collisions — either full body or kick collisions — can cause a wide range of injuries, including cuts, bruises, and concussions. Overuse injuries, such as Achilles tendinitis and shin splints, frequently occur, as well.

Several strategies can help prevent soccer injuries — from careful inspection of the field to wearing proper shin guards. At Collins Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine our goal is to provide compassionate healthcare for our patients and the communities we serve in a state of the art facility.

What to Do about Common Soccer Injuries

So what should you do about these common soccer-related injuries? We can give you ways to prevent common soccer injuries from happening in the first place.

To understand the scope of properly addressing soccer injuries, we can think of the “3 P’s” of treatment: Preparation, Prevention, and Protection.

The 3 P’s: Preparation, Prevention, and Protection

Preparation is fairly straightforward: a majority of injuries can be avoided if an athlete properly maintains fitness, stretches well, and hydrates.

Prevention partly encompasses the other two P’s, though it also means making sure that your surroundings are ideal for ensuring safe physical activity. Prevention involves

things like making sure the playing area is kept in ideal condition, hazards are dealt with, and players adhere to simple rules in order to stay within the bounds of safety.

Protection is the most intuitive of the P’s, and often the most overlooked. Athletes may find it exciting and adrenaline-inducing to play soccer without proper equipment and bodily protection, but at what cost? Using proper shoes with molded cleats, wearing shin guards, and gloves when necessary are easy ways to prevent an array of common soccer injuries.

Reliable Treatment at Collins Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

As we all know, when an injury does occur, regardless of your efforts to prevent it, proper treatment is a must, and should, happen immediately. If you need a reliable orthopedic care provider, consider the physicians at Collins Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine! We are located in Lake Charles and Sulphur and are committed to exceeding your expectations. It is through this commitment that we will make a difference in the lives of our patients by providing quality, compassionate, and accessible care. We’re here to give you the help you need, whether it’s treatment for a soccer injury, or just answering questions you have about common soccer injuries. Visit us at http://www.geoffcollinsmd.com or contact us at 1-337-905-7100.

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