Cold Compression Therapy

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Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 12.16.03 PMAt Collins Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we want you to get back in the game as soon as you are physically capable.  Studies show that cold therapy decreases pain, muscle spasms, and swelling in the soft tissue injuries and decreases the likelihood of tissue damage. Compression pushes excess fluid away from the injury, which helps to eliminate existing swelling and minimize new swelling. When combined, these two therapies produce a new level of healing. Simply put, there is nothing else like it.

While athletes are quick to submerge their muscles in a bath filled with freezing cold ice water, most of us are inclined to say “no thank you.” However, there is a science behind the seemingly crazy concept of an ice-cold bath.

Cold therapy is a healing technique that exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. The therapy helps muscles recover after strenuous activity, injury or surgical procedure. By reducing blood flow to a targeted area for a short period of time, the therapy can lessen inflammation, swelling and nerve activity, which in turn relieves pain around muscles, joints and tendons. Fortunately, there are localized methods, which involve isolated therapy, rather than the full-body ice bath.

From everyday muscle recovery to targeted pain relief, Collins Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine offers cold therapy that results in many health benefits.

  1. Recover from surgery
    Many doctors recommend cold therapy for post-surgical rehabilitation, as it can reduce pain by controlling swelling and inflammation in the affected area. As such, cold therapy can help patients achieve normal function after soft tissue trauma at a much faster rate.
  2. Soothe injured muscles, joints and tissues
    Cold therapy can provide effective relief for minor injuries, such as bruises or sprains, by reducing the inflammation and swelling that causes acute pain. The therapy can even speed up healing time.


  1. Recharge muscles after the gym
    Many athletes use cold therapy for muscle or injury recovery after exercise. The cold treatment helps the muscles repair themselves and prepare for the next training session. In a recent review published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, the researchers found that cold therapy helped reduce muscle pain in 80 percent of the observed studies.  As such, when incorporated into a regular post-workout routine, cold therapy can reduce recovery times and improve performance going forward.

If you’re ready to cool down your pain levels, check out cold therapy at Collins Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.  We have processes designed to provide relief for post-surgical rehabilitation and other injuries or sources of discomfort.  We are here to help you “Get Back in the Game”.

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