Is Your Meniscus Tearing You up Inside?

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According to the Mayo Clinic, around 200,000 surgeries are performed every year on average for a torn meniscus. It is an incredibly common injury that can happen during everyday activities, not to mention almost any sport.


What is It?


There are two menisci in every knee; one medial and one lateral. The meniscus functions as the padding or weight distributing device between the tibia and femur, or shinbone and thighbone.


How Does it Happen?


Forcefully pivoting your knee can stress the meniscus. It can also happen from squatting, lifting, or kneeling. The meniscus can also suffer degenerative damage from aging without causing pain.


How Do I Know if I Have a Torn Meniscus?


If you have pain and another symptoms or more from this, list your meniscus may be in trouble:


Difficulty straightening your leg

Feeling like your knee is locked in place

Feeling or hearing your knee “pop”


Swelling with activity


What Do I Do if I Think I Have This?

Depending on the severity, the injured meniscus may just require resting, ice and medications for the pain and swelling. If not improved with rest you should have it examined. In more severe cases it could require a minimally invasive surgery with a short recovery time. It is always better to check with a professional if you are suffering from knee pain.

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