Getting Hip to Hip Replacements

Collins Ortho Logopexels-photo-748780.jpegA hip replacement replaces a hip joint that isn’t working as well with a prosthetic joint. The vast majority of patients find great relief from pain and increased mobility to live the kind of life they have always enjoyed. At Collins Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine our focus is to get people back on their feet as soon as possible, so they can live that life to the fullest!

There are several reasons people may need hip replacements. Osteoarthritis, fractures, even a genetic predisposition to hip problems can all come into play. The painful hip joint is replaced with one made out of plastic and metal. Since it was pioneered in the 1970s, this surgery has made leaps in bounds in how much easier it is to perform and recover from. To perform this surgery, the doctor removes the affected hip and moves the muscles to expose the joint. The joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint that your bone actually grows into. Any damaged cartilage is removed, the muscles are put back into place and the incision is closed. One or two days of rehabilitation in the hospital followed by physical therapy from home.

Can you do all you did before you had the hip replacement? Well, you probably won’t be playing pro football but for the most part, after you are medically cleared, life can return to normal. Running is not allowed but patients can play double tennis if they would like. If the surgery is on your right hip it may take a little more rest before you can get behind the wheel, since that is the “driving leg.” Mileage may vary but most people are up and back to their regular work and life routines in 6 to 8 weeks. Long term, it is important to stay mobile! If you take a long trip, get up and walk around the plane or stretch your legs at stops. While there are a few lifestyle adjustments, the most noticeable difference after having hip replacement surgery is freedom from pain.

At Collins Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, we want to help you not just live but thrive. Let us know how we can help you thrive in your best life.

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